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Nigth Rating

ABOUT THE Nigth Rating

After completing your PPL, the next step would be completing a Night Rating. The Night Rating enables you to fly at night as the pilot in command. This rating will need to be done if you would like to fly at night for recreational purposes or if you want to become a commercial or airline pilot. You will be permitted to start your Night Rating any time after the completion of your PPL (Private Pilot License).

The night rating is separated into 2 sections, theoretical and practical. The theoretical consists of a night rating exam, a multiple-choice exam with a 75% mark. You will also be briefed on how to fly an aircraft with only using the aircraft instruments, this means you will not be able to see outside while flying in case it gets too dark outside.

The practical section consists of a minimum of 15 hours of flight training.
Of these 15 hours, 10 of these hours will be done only using the flight instruments where you will learn how to safely fly the aircraft under the night sky

The remaining 5 hours will see you completing a navigation flight to two separate airfields at night as well as practicing how to take off and land safely at night.

After the training is completed, you will undergo a flight test to determine your ability to fly at night while referencing the aircraft instruments. The duration of the Night Rating course is flexible. It may take any time from 6 to 60 days. The course can be tailored to suit your training, schedule and financial needs.